I'm Jack Howell, 
a Graphic Designer
based in the 
West Midlands.

I want to inform, challenge and inspire people through design. I find inspiration in everything I do, and use it to better my practice. I like to explore a brief to create an authentic response, something human that people will have an emotional response to. I am passionate about working within advertising and branding, as I like work that thrives from conceptual thinking. I focus on hierarchy and like to apply personality through the use of typography and delivery.

I take a lot of inspiration from retro art and design, and like to explore how design has evolved. By doing this not only do I stay on top of trends, but can approach a brief with adaptability, confidence and an informed opinion.

I offer a full range of Graphic Design consultancy services.


From branding and print material, to digital and web design, find out how I can help add value and professionalism to your business or next project.